Cocktails of the “Summer” Weeks

5 Aug

It’s been a while since we’ve posted on our blog, but we couldn’t let the whole summer go by without discussing some of the coolness in summer cocktails for your next event!  The summer is the perfect time to have a great outdoor party centered around a theme.  Themed parties are always fun, but the key is to make sure that the cocktails  accompany the theme.  I, personally, had the joy of attending two themed parties this summer, a birthday party for myself and a 30th Birthday Party for my best friend.  For my Last Twenty-Something Birthday, I decided to have a Tiki Party theme, which could do nothing but present fun times for all who attended!  We had Polynesian-inspired bites, and cocktails such as the Mai Tai, which is THE classic Polynesian cocktail, Sex on the Beach cocktails, Hawaiian Beer, and Jello Island Shots!  For my friend’s 30th Birthday, we decided to surprise her with a Miami-Chic themed party, complete with a Cigar Bar and  a Mojito/Cuba Libre Bar that included Mojitos, Strawberry Mojitos, Blueberry Mojitos and Cuba Libres (Rum and Coke with Lime).  In addition, we soaked a watermelon in Tito’s Vodka, inspired by the TV show, Drinking Made Easy, which made tasty little watermelon treats, and was eventually used to make Watermelon-Lime cocktails.  We had a blast at both events, and the theme-influenced summer cocktails made it all the more fun!  So, when you’re planning your next themed-party, be sure that the cocktails aren’t left out of the theme!


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