Cocktail of the Week- Into Zin 2008 Zinfandel

18 Feb

This week’s Cocktail of the Week is not really a cocktail, but a wine that was worthy of mention for our weekly feature.  Into Zin 2008 Zinfandel is a crisp, red wine with plum, blackberry and black cherry influences.  Its spiciness is just the right amount to balance the fruit, so it isn’t too sweet or too dry.  Pairing suggestions include steaks, lamb, hamburgers and chicken marsala.  This wine is available at HEB, and is fairly inexpensive.  Only $7-8 for the bottle.  I truly enjoyed this wine, and I think you will too.  So, for those nights where you put together a nice dinner, be sure to pair it with a glass of Into Zin 2008 Zinfandel!  And if you don’t believe me, check out a video with Ralph “The Wine Guy” where he shares his thoughts on Into Zin: Enjoy!


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