Cocktail of the Week- The Manhattan

21 Dec

At my company’s Christmas party last week, the hot commodities were two gift sets of Jack Daniels Bourbon Whiskey, with the fancy Jack Daniels etched rocks glasses.  I actually received a Jack Daniels gift set two years ago, so I know it’s a great gift that spreads tons of joy!!  Now, I bet you’re wondering what to do with the Bourbon you received for Christmas…  That’s where The Manhattan comes in!  The Manhattan combines Bourbon Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, a dash of Angostura Bitters and a Maraschino Cherry– the finishing touch!  The Manhattan is a classic cocktail that dates back 1846, and its appeal has yet to falter.  The Manhattan can be served straight-up or on the rocks, and it gives you the crisp taste of Bourbon, a sweet and spicy mix of sweet vermouth- which is a fortified wine, balanced out with Angostura bitters and topped off with the luscious taste of the maraschino cherry.  So, don’t let that Bourbon Whiskey get dusty in your cabinet, use it to prepare this classic cocktail! 

Before I close out this post, I have to endorse Woodford Reserve Bourbon, which I sampled in several variations of The Classic Manhattan, at their Manhattan Experience Tasting in November.  (Check out pictures on The MiX Bartending Services’ Facebook page)  Very tasty!  Just another recommendation in addition to good ole’ Jack! 


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