Cocktail of the Week- Well… It’s Not Really a Cocktail

19 Nov

World’s Most Expensive Scotch- 64-Year Macallan
Sold for $460,000

As promised, I’ve delved further into the drinks that are attractive to the fellows and are reminiscent of the fall.  This week’s focus is… Scotch!  Last Friday, I attended, not one, but two scotch tastings- Macallan and Dewars.  While both are obviously scotch whisky, they represent opposite ends of the scotch spectrum.  Macallan represents single-malt scotch, which is simply malted barley, water and yeast in its purest form. We were able to taste a variety of their scotches ranging from the 10-year to the 18-year.  My favorite was the 15-year Macallan, which was pretty smooth and had a “tree-like” taste.  60% of the flavor comes from the wooden barrels that the scotch ferments in.  Dewars, on the other hand, is a blended scotch.  Like all scotch, it consists of malted barley, water and yeast, but they don’t stop there… they add various notes ranging from honey, lavender and citrus to vanilla and smoke.  My favorite was the Dewars White Label, which I learned is the #1 Best Selling Scotch Whisky.  Its honey and floral notes- with a smoky finish give this scotch a wonderful taste.  If you’ve never tried scotch before, I would suggest starting with a blended scotch.  So, fellows and daring ladies, give scotch a try this fall.  You can savor it straight from the bottle, with a cube of ice or a splash of water.  It’s your choice, because it’s your scotch and you can drink it like you want to… Sláinte!


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