Cocktail of the Week- Wild Turkey American Honey

11 Nov

Nice, 1″ lamb steaks, cooked medium rare, fresh off the grill, or great, big T-Bone steaks, red potatoes with pounds of butter, seared asparagus with even more butter and a fat stogie can only be accompanied with 20-year Scotch, right?  Wrong!  Wild Turkey has a great Bourbon-based liqueur that goes great with the manly meal, Wild Turkey American Honey.  At 71 proof, you get the extra kick, but the gentle sweetness of the real honey is perfect for accompanying a meal.  If it is not going to be a Guys Night Out meal, but instead, a night out with your lovely leading lady, or if you are the lovely leading lady and want to show your guy smarts, but still stay sweet, try having the only bourbon-based liqueur on the market for dessert. Wild Turkey American Honey goes great with vanilla ice cream, pound cake, or a nice, rich slice of cheesecake.


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