Cocktail of the Week- Fuzzy Firefly

9 Sep

I’m sure that by now, most of us have tried Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka.  It’s one of my favorite liquors!  Sweet tea is one of our guilty pleasures down here in the South!  And to have it in a cocktail is an added bonus!  On Friday, at Bar 5015, I had Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka in a very tasty concoction, which included sweet and sour, a splash of water and was topped off with Peach Schnapps.  The bartender placed it in a tall glass, and it was very delightful!  It reminded me of sitting on the porch, drinking peach iced tea on a hot, Houston summer day.  Another drink that doesn’t taste like liquor…  So, next time you go to a bar, try this concoction, but don’t ask for a Fuzzy Firefly because The MiX gave it that name, and would be glad to MiX this up for your next event!  🙂  Until next week….



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