Cocktail of the Week- Cape Cod Applik

2 Sep

Sunday, I visited Mezzanine Lounge with two of my best friends.  I looked up and noticed Stoli Gala Applik Vodka!!  I was beyond excited that Mezzanine had this vodka, because I previously noticed it while at Specs and wanted to try it.  So, as usual when I try a liquor for the first time, I asked the bartender what could she make with it.  She suggested Stoli Gala Applik Vodka and Cranberry Juice, reMiXed as the Cape Cod Applik, which is the Cocktail of the Week!  Simple, yet stunning!  The smooth taste of cranberry, coupled with the perfect hint of apple gives you the impression of Ocean Spray Cranapple.  This drink has only two ingredients, so it’s really easy to make at home.  If you decide to give it a try, be extra careful!!!  You’ll easily forget that you’re drinking liquor, which could be a good or bad thing… depending on the day.  Cheers!!!



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